Recovery is no easy task, but with the right support you can take the first steps on the road to recovery. The Life Changing System offers effective tools and techniques for individuals who are struggling with sexual or pornographic addictions, as well as ongoing support, anonymity and complete confidentiality.


Sex is a natural and healthy part of life, however when it’s taken to an extreme, it can have negative consequences. There are many reasons why a person can become addicted to sex or pornography; it can stem from childhood trauma or abuse, dysfunctional families, family members who suffer from similar addictions or even a chemical imbalance in the brain (and more). If sexual or pornographic addiction is not treated, the individual might experience intense guilt, shame and can develop low self-esteem, which can ultimately lead to depression. Whatever the cause may be for the addictions recovery is possible for all those struggling.


There are many people in the world struggling with addictions to sex and pornography, and too often shame or personal guilt stands in the way of them seeking help. Remember that you are not alone in this journey, and there is strength in seeking help to become the best version of yourself.


TLC Coaching understands the magnitude and the strain addiction can put on a person’s life, and are passionate about getting you back on track and in control.

With this Life Changing System, you can expect guaranteed results to reduce your sexual or pornographic addiction and step into recovery, and ensure that you will not relapse. 

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