Meet Terry Cumberworth, founder of The Life Changing System.


Terry has had the honour to work with close to 5,000 clients so far during his career. Many of them have struggled with behavioural or chemical addiction, and he realized early on what would work. Success came when both the individual and their relationships were focused on; helping the client struggling was just as important as the significant people in their lives. Experience and extensive research, and a drive to help others, resulted in the creation of The Life Changing System.


A Certified Life Coach and Certified Success Coach, Terry can also add over 35 years of work int he behavioural healthcare and counselling to his repertoire.


It’s clear to see that Terry has a deep desire and passion to help his clients overcome these addictions, strengthen their relationships and change their lives.



Cumberworth  M.A. C.P.C

Coach |Mentor | Altruist